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In February 1999, CBYON Inc. was founded in Palo Alto, California boasting a novel 3D image-guided system. The product—the brainchild of bioengineers at Stanford University’s IGSL (Image-Guided Surgery Laboratory)—was known as the CBYON Savant.

The system received FDA approval in March of 2000 for use in cranial, spine, and sinus procedures and after being used in numerous hospitals for the next 4 years, GE Healthcare purchased the related intellectual property.

In 2017, GE licensed the technology to CBYON’s successor, Med-Surgical Services Inc. (MSSI) who spent the next 5 years enhancing the technology and it’s unique features. In June 2022, MSSI relaunched the CBYON product branded as CBYON System with CBYON Suite. The CBYON system has successfully performed over 250 navigated procedures within the first 90-days of relaunch.

These surgeries were supported by META Dynamic, Inc. in our innovative and tremendously successful fee-per-use model. META also provides Clinical Support for the most widely used navigation systems and is active in several metropolitan areas.


Immediate ACCESS to Image Guided Surgery


Simple & Proven Models for Pricing, Contracting & Professional Clinical Support


Bringing back the golden-era of CUSTOMER SERVICE and SUPPORT. CBYON is committed to supporting every Patient, Surgeon, and Hospital 24/7/365

Cost Effective

  • Small footprint- Requires minimal space in operating room.
  • Cross-Specialty- ENT Navigation, Cranial Navigation, Spine Navigation. Maximize your navigation investment and utilization by having an all-encompassing navigation suite.
  • Super-Fast Registration- reduce operative times and increase efficiencies.
  • Simplified, economical and timely implementation.

Radiation Free

  • No intraoperative radiation needed for registration.
  • Reduced operative time- Cut down on registration time from upwards of 30 minutes to as little as 30 seconds. By not requiring intraoperative radiation during the procedure, CBYON improves safety by reducing harmful side effects of radiation exposure.

Premier Support

  • Through META Dynamic, all cases are supported 24/7/365 no matter when the case was added. We strongly believe that quality and reliable case support is the most overlooked and undervalued component to any successful navigated surgery.
  • CBYON aims to change that by ensuring all hospitals, surgeons and patients are always supported with the highest level of customer service and knowledge in the industry. See the META Dynamic difference for yourself!

Spine Navigation

Radiation Free Registration in Under a Minute!


Spine Tray

Spine Navigation

Neuro Navigation


Navigated Stylet

Cranial Navigation

Image Fusion
3D Volumetric Rendering

ENT Navigation

ENT Navigation

The Ultimate Navigation Solution

Our mission is to provide an innovative model for expanding the access for surgical navigation technology for healthcare facilities worldwide. The CBYON IGS System combined with META’s proven model for premier support service; will provide hospitals with a premier navigation technology supported by unrivaled 24/7/365 clinical support.

These critical factors support our mission to deliver The Ultimate Navigation Solution

  • CBYON Eclipse Navigation System: Single solution for cranial, spine & sinus navigation.
  • META Per Case Support Model: Most critical element for successful navigated surgeries.
  • Clinical Support for Hospital Owned Systems: One support source for all navigation brands.
  • Innovative Pricing Model: Delivers tremendous savings to our customers.
  • Immediate Access: Provides navigation capability with Clinical Support on demand.
  • Simplify the Process: Quotes/Budgeting, Contracting, System Decisions, Personnel Planning.
  • Path to Future Innovations: Committed to Evolving the Technology & Model.

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