META Dynamic Inc.

Tom Pfleider

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Tom Pfleider, our founder, worked as a manufacturers rep with stereotactic pioneer Radionics for 18 years providing stereotactic systems and services to surgeons and hospitals in Southern California. Tom spearheaded the placement of some of the initial image guided systems in the country and saw the technology progress from its infancy to the advanced systems META provides today.

In 2001, Tom partnered with Cbyon, a startup navigation system provider in the Silicon Valley, to work with him to implement his model of providing image guided surgery capability on a fee-per-use basis with tech support for each surgery. Two years later, Tom launched META Dynamic, Inc., a company designed to address the need for timely navigation access and extend the benefits of professional clinical support.

2022 starts a new era in the META story, with Tom’s son Evan as President. He and his proven management team will assure an ever growing presence in the navigation space.

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