META Dynamic Inc.

The Meta Story

Earlier this year, Meta Dynamic Inc celebrated its 40,000th supported surgery. From humble beginnings, Meta Dynamic has grown into a household name among thousands of surgeons and hospital staff who dedicate their lives to helping patients in need. The company has come a long way, and as the company turns a new chapter, it is only fitting to reflect on the story so far.

Like most great companies, the story of META begins with its founder.

Tom Pfleider’s spent the chunk of his career as a manufacturer’s representative at the leading stereotactic company at the time, Radionics. For 18 years, Tom provided stereotactic systems and services to surgeons and hospitals all over Southern California.

Tom spearheaded the placement of some of the first image-guided systems in the country and has seen the technology METAmorphosize from its infancy to the advanced technology we have today.

In 2001, Tom partnered with Cbyon. A startup navigation system provider in Silicon Valley. Together they were to implement his model of providing an image-guided surgery on a fee-per-use basis accompanied by tech support.

Two years later, Tom launched META Dynamic Inc., a company designed to address the need for timely navigation access and extend the benefits of professional clinical support.

Innovation has always been at the heart of META. In 2007, the company partnered with another navigation leader -BrainLAB- to implement a new program to provide experienced techs with hospital-owned Medtronic & BrainLAB systems. A year later, META added ultrasonic aspirators to its fee-per-use program.

Since these early years, Meta has grown in leaps and bounds. The company celebrated 10,000 supported surgeries in 2010 and 25,000 supported surgeries just eight years later.

Buoyed by this amazing growth, the company decided to expand in 2021. META extended its support model to several areas of the country and established a national network of neuro/spine-focused distributors and independent agents to bring this technology to millions of Americans.

2022 starts a new era in the META story. By this point, Tom’s dream of providing surgery support at scale has become a reality, with Meta supporting nearly 500 surgeries per month.

Tom’s son Evan takes over as President to guide the company into the next frontier. With nearly 3000 supported surgeries across his 14-year+ career, Evan brings spine navigation to the forefront of META’s new mission. He and his proven management team will assure an ever-growing presence in the navigation space.

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